Tuesday 17 April 2012

Grand Mansion and zombie animals progress update

I've given my little zombies limbs and attached their accessories to them.

Zombie animals WIP

All except the green bear have accessories. The blue bunny is actually hiding a knife behind his back. All they need now is a coat of paint--except for the pink cat, he needs a tail and some bandages. I broke one of the petals off the yellow bear when I was putting her limbs on, but the good thing about zombies is that it doesn't matter. :p

The stone effect paint has finally dried and here's how the mansion looks like mostly put together:

Grand Mansion WIP
I haven't reattached some of the doors yet.

I still need to correct all these mistakes I made while painting the building. *sigh* Carelessness makes more work! Here are just some of the things I need to fix, and there are two or three spots like this on every floor of the building.

Some grey smears:

Grand Mansion mistakes 1

Spots where I've removed the grey smears, but unfortunately had to take the nicely painted white with it.

Grand Mansion mistakes 2

That's all the updates I have for now. I hope to post about another project I've been doing, hopefully by tomorrow; but more realistically, it'll probably happen the day after.


  1. Love love love them!!!!!
    They are sooooooo funny!
    Great job!


  2. She looks great now! :) By the way, thanks for the flocking tuto, I have been looking so long for someting like that! :)

  3. Wow. I just saw your redecorated mansion Pei! I would love to see more pics of the finished product and see it in it's setting. Looks great. Quite a big project.