Sunday 10 October 2010

Remodelling a bootleg and wip phone charms

I've been in the process of remodeling a bootleg Sylvanian house on and off for about a year now. It's a bootleg of the JP Red Roofed House. I'm hoping to eventually make the bottom floor into a little cafe with an outdoor area and with living quarters on the upper floor.


It comes as a kit you have to put together yourself, which makes it much easier if you want to repaint it.


So far, I've repainted the floor, roof and doors with spray paint.


I've forgotten to take a proper picture of all the walls together so that'll have to wait till tomorrow.

I've repainted the walls with acrylics and attempted to create some sort of faux wood texture :P Not really sure what kind of wood it would be though, it was more a combination of whatever browns I managed to get my hands on. The building looked to me like it would be some sort of log cabin, so that was the effect I was aiming for.


I've since put on a clear coat of varnish over the pieces and hope to be able to put the house together and fix up any odds and ends tomorrow.

I actually like bootlegged furniture more sometimes, I can mess around with them without caring about potentially destroying them... And they're cheap. I'm hoping to do similar customisations to the new cheapo original but damaged awesome bargain stock of Sylvanian stuff I recently bought XD I can't wait till it arrives!

Lastly, some WIP turtle melon pan phone charms I'm making and hoping to sell on etsy once I manage to produce enough variety of stock to my satisfaction.


I have to come up with a nice, short and memorable etsy store name. I'm thinking of something to do with little slices of happiness or something, if that even makes any sense.

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