Thursday 25 August 2011

Walking the Dog

Walking the dog

Harold: Look at what I just got!

Barbara: You know, this situation seems a little odd for some reason.

Daisy: Yeah...

Walking the dog 2

Harold: What? Nah, look at him! Isn't he just a cutie? Well, maybe he's a little bug eyed. His name is Mr. Puggles!

Mr. Puggles: Wuff! *drools*

Walking the dog 3

Daisy: It's not really Mr. Puggles. Never mind, I think you two make a lovely pair. Take good care of him!

Harold: Okay! :D

I've already posted these pictures up on Flickr and the Sylvanian Families forums but I thought I'd stick them here as well to make up for my appalling lack of blogging activity. I've really neglected this blog this year, and I really want to get it up and updating on a more regular basis. I've decided to try to update at least once a week from now on.

I love how well the leash and dog fits scale-wise with Sylvanians. I wish Re-Ment still made flocked animals *sigh*. All of their recent ones have been carved, solid plastic. I think the fuzziness of the flocked creatures makes them extra cute!


  1. Hey Pei,

    i really love the way you shoot them, they are so lovely.

  2. LOL :P It reminds me of the new sylvanian stable and horses. Animals having animals as pets xD

  3. Have you heard of Puppy in my pocket? They are fuzzy dogs