Sunday 22 June 2014

Space Hammy

For a Design a Villager Animal Crossing contest on the Australian ANC Facebook page. Draw an original character and come up with a profile, basically.

'Say hello to Sam, the jock space hamster. He very badly wants to go to space, and he's currently training to fulfill his dream of becoming an astronaut. He wears a space suit and helmet everyday to remind him to work towards his dream. Sometimes you'll see him bouncing on his trampoline to simulate the weightlessness of space. He also knows a lot of facts and trivia about rockets and outer space, and he will occasionally share his knowledge with other people. He was named after a Spaceman Sam his parents found in a meteorite crater.

His greeting is, "Up, up and away!" and his catchphrase is "great galaxies". If you get his picture, it'll say, "Never give up and reach for the stars!" behind it.'

I originally drew a gardening bunny, but a hamster riding a coin operated rocket was too hard to resist.



  1. Awesome! What a great character! xo Jennifer

  2. Just saw it! Amazing! Great job, Pei!:)