Sunday 16 August 2009

Grocery shopping

The contest is over, and here are the winning entries. I don't like the entry that got 1st. I saw the pic of the second prize winner on flickr, and it looks significantly better over there, not all blurred and stuff. I think of the two, the 2nd prize winner has the nicer pic.

Anyway, Ai Li's insane textmate session resulted in a blindboxed Re-Ment prize that she gave to me ^-^ Thank you Ai Li!

Gift of Groceries

After picking up the prize and shopping a little (I spent the most money ;_;), we ended up doing this:

I come bearing Biskits

L to R: Me, Mur and Ai Li

Mur: I come bearing Bizkits! And an empty bottle! :D
Pei: Why do you have a cat in there that is giving us the finger?!
Ai Li: ... haiz...

Hiya Amal

Everyone: Hi, Amal!
Amal: Hiii! Oooo, what's that, lemme see...CHOCS! :D


Mur: :D
Amal: :)
Pei: >:o
Ai Li: :|
Cat: _|_

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  1. I love pinkys but the last thing i need is another thing to collect, But there so cute, i love little cute things, maybe i could integrate them in with my sylvanians, he he