Tuesday 14 December 2010

Another post office building

This little thing just arrived today! I Ordered it from Sylvanian Heaven some weeks ago. I may have overpaid again -_- Anyway, I'm actually pretty happy with this one. The condition of the items in it were much, much better than I thought they'd be. I even found a surprise stack of mini postcards and letters in the mailbox!


This post office is definitely in a far better condition than the previous post office I got from them. I think I paid about the same price too -_-;; The downside is, while I'm perfectly willing to wreak nasty experimental modifications upon the other one, I'm a bit reluctant to touch this one. Guh...

Here's how the other post office looks like now. I've stripped off all the paper and stickers and am considering the best way to make roof shingles.


One of the window parts is missing from it, and some enterprising previous owner had decided to glue the remaining window part to the middle of the frame. =A=;;


I've yanked it out and am now trying to figure out the best thing to do for the window. Should I leave it as it is? Should I try and cast another window piece? Welp, I'll have to mull over it a bit.

I like these little buildings because they're small and take up so little space. I can make a little street of shops with these :D. I have another two on the way, and I think I'll stop with that. Won't have enough space on the shelf for more. I also really like the fact that the roofs come off, it'll be great for photographing the insides!


[Entering whinge mode]

In other non-toy related news, I feel so 'meh'. I've just realised that Christmas is next week. I don't want to celebrate it. I don't enjoy the santa reindeer etc atmosphere and I don't like the food. It's all alien. I want to go home, back to Brunei or Malaysia. I want to be fit again, with nice shady hills to climb and exercise on instead of these windy plains that are either too cold or too bright and sunny. There's no ozone layer here. No trees to shade me on my walking route either. I want to have friends I can go kai kai with, and have friends I can stay up all night watching reality tv and other crap with.

I have too many things I want to do now, and no motivation. My lack of motivation has to do in part with the fact that I don't know where to start. I keep feeling like I should be doing something else when I do something. There are things I want to do for other people, and many more that I want and need to do for myself. Should I start making my family's paper Christmas gifts? Or should I finally read that driving rules booklet that I've been putting off for so long? I'll need to drive in February. Hopefully. If I manage to get a job. I hate cars, gigantic trucks and highways. They scare me.


[end whinging]

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