Wednesday 22 December 2010

Eos the Steampunk Pullip

The Steampunk Pullip I won in the Pinky St Gothic-Noir-Steampunk contest (warning: image heavy) is here! Well, actually she arrived about a week ago, but I hadn't been able to take photos due to the weather. It was unexpectedly fast shipping from Hawaii!


The box was so pretty and pristine I didn't want to damage it, but with so many of the doll accessories taped so strongly to the insides, I ended up tearing parts of the interior in order to get them out. Boo...

She's a limited edition of 2000 (that means she's really not all that limited :P) and the little slip of paper in her box informed me that I got no. 1181/2000.

Eos 01

My first Pullip ever! I've seen Pullips all over the internet and never really thought I'd own one. For one thing, I could never afford one (due to spending all my monies elsewhere cough *Sylvanians*cough*Pinky St*cough*clay* and the Pullip aesthetic never really appealed to me. I mean, I thought some of them looked very nice but I was thinking I'd get a blank obitsu head and body to customise and make my own doll with at some point instead of getting into Pullips.

Eos 02

Then Eos arrived, and I'm absolutely amazed by how ethereal her face up looks in person. I'd picked her mainly because her face up looked pretty in the pictures, but it's even more amazing in person. Now I'm tempted by other Pullips. I like Shinku... and a number of others...

Eos 03

Eos 04

Her steampunk gear is amazing too. She has a gun and a staff. The staff seems to be part iron rod and part shower head. The gun has faucets on it too. I love that attention to detail, it implies that everything's been bashed together from junk found in the trash heap into something useful.

All the clothing is extremely detailed, when I was taking off her clothes so I could wash and condition her hair, I kept looking for the velcro fastening her clothes, like with barbie clothes. She had no velcro, it was all nicely done metal clasps and hooks. She also comes with a pair of black gloves and some elbow guards, but they're not pictured as I don't like the gloves and the elbow guards don't look very good without them.


She also comes with a hat studded with random bits and bobs, an eye piece and wings. I don't actually like the way her wings fit onto Eos, it sticks straight out from her back. I would have preferred something that spread out more to the sides.

As lovely as this doll is, it suffers from some quality issues. Eos is notorious for having a bad, frizzy wig and having bits fall off her stock. Her wings are fragile and easily breakable, and her left arm tends to pop off.

I've washed and conditioned the wig for about two hours, but her hair's starting to get stiff and frizzy again. I think I may have to condition it some more. Or get her a new wig. This South Australian dry weather probably doesn't help much.

This is the bit that I'm quite annoyed about--after deboxing the Pullip and not having stock bits fall off her, I thought my dolly had escaped that particular fate. Then parts started to fall off her eye piece on the second day. Well, I'd been warned to expect that, so no biggie, I glued them back. Then I noticed this:


Two of the screw on thingys had disappeared!!! The bit at the top is what it's supposed to look like. I hadn't even noticed that they'd disappeared, so I have no idea when they dropped off. I don't even know if they were even there in the first place! I've looked everywhere for them and I'd only taken Eos to my room and the lounge room when I noticed they were missing, and they are no where to be seen.

I wonder if Groove can send replacement parts? I have no idea how to contact them though... :( I may have to just find something else to put on there.

I still think Eos is a gorgeous doll and I'm happy to have her though :) I'm also kinda tempted by the rest of the steampunk gang...

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