Friday 25 March 2011

Some current projects

In progress... fancy cookies

I'm currently working on some mini clay cookies. These took longer than I expected, most of it was due to me being too picky and texturing and colouring both sides of the cookies, despite the fact I was planning to ice over the fronts. Tiny clay pieces are a pain to hold still while you colour them!

I used my new mini paper punches for these. I love them! I can't get things like these locally, I got them when I went back to Brunei. So cheap too, about SGD 1.80 each! I want to move back to Brunei =A=;;; Or at least back to a city. I am 100% a city girl!

Here's the other project I'm working on:

Post office in progress

I'm repainting a little Sylvanian shop building. It's the post office I posted about a few months back. I have about four buildings of this type and I'm aiming to create a little Sylvanian main street on a shelf. I'm going to repaint each one in different colours.

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