Wednesday 6 April 2011

Project progress updates

I've been working on the cookies, and mushing up clay to make icing is hand killing work. I hope that the liquid clay will keep well in the small ziploc bags I'm using to store them. I don't really want to have to squish up new clay every time I want some icing. I think I watched an entire episode of Midsomer Murders while making brown icing.

Icing cookies

I'm currently using sticky tape to hold down the cookies. It's much easier to work on them now--they were hard to hold down with my fingernails (I did that when I was brushing chalk pastel onto them).

I'm having a few problems with my clay, it seems to bubble when I bake them so my icing ends up a little lumpy. Asking at the CDHM forums seem to indicate it may be the result of the brand of clay I'm using? Oh well, it's not really noticeable, especially after the designs are put on so I'm just going to continue with the Ozzle + Fimo mix I'm currently using.

I also need to clean up that star. I was trying to make curly designs like on that butter fly, but couldn't make it and changed halfway to slightly curved lines meeting in the middle instead, hence the smudges.

Mooshed bear

Today, I iced some chocolate covered teddy bear cookies. I put them in a little container and put that into my bag to take home to bake, since I didn't have an oven where I was. Somehow the bag got put on its side and the poor teddy ended up getting mooshed against the container lol. One got stuck upside down on the back of the one in front. At least it'll be easy to clean the design off and start again.

Post office progress

Also, I'm making progress with my Sylvanian post office! I wanted a little building that was brown and had some wood-like texture to it. I love the wallpaper, it looks perfect for the post office! Not too strong a design with an overall creamy colour. I just wish it had been offered at a higher resolution though, you can see the pixelation if you look up close.

Now I'm working on the roof shingles, redesigning the sign and the awning. After that I'm thinking of a little shelf or table where things like writing paper and postcards can be put for sale, a village bulletin board and a letter sorting shelf. I'm also considering moving a set of scales to the window where the packages are. I'm also thinking that I should gloss up the floors more, because floorboards are ususally glossy, right? :p and maybe even the rest of the building itself.


  1. wooo!! on occasion, when i'm too enthusiastic with mixing the clay into the liquid polymer clay, bubbles can and will get introduced. i wouldn't worry too much about it, you could let the items rest before baking, and even 'pick' out the bubbles...or since you taped them down, you could tap the base tile on your work surface to force the bubbles to rise... then pop them....

    i'd never heard of Ozzle till you mentioned it! interesting! love your latest cookies, they're so cute! ^ ^

  2. I mixed as hard as I could :x. Those tiny little specks of clay seemed to disappear faster when I attacked them vigorously, heh. I left the items out overnight but didn't notice any bubbles, but I wasn't really looking. I'll take a closer look next time!

    I wouldn't really recommend using Ozzle though, Fimo is much nicer to work with. I bought it back when I couldn't find a local supplier of Fimo with good prices. I'm not really sure about the liquid clay at the moment, but solid Ozzle's a little stiff and some Aus bead makers have complained about little crescents forming after baking.

    And thanks :D