Monday 26 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai! XD

Yay, Happy New Year! IT's cow year now!

My mother cooked a lot of stuff for CNY eve dinner. Too bad there were only 4 of us this year, we used to have more people. But one relative retired and left Brunei, a cousin got married and another went overseas to study. Their parents are still here but they decided to go on a trip this year, so it's only my immediate family and I for dinner. So quiet this year...

Chinese New Year dinner! :)

In no particular order: stir fried veggies, prawns in oyster sauce, noodles cooked with meat and shitake mushrooms, Chinese sausage cooked with leek and fried egg, something I don't know the name of, a thick, sticky soup made up of shitake mushrooms, eggs, and carrots, fried chicken, mushroom stuffed with meat served with brocolli and red peppers, hard boiled eggs fried with tofu and spring onions and homemade soybean milk XD I was so bloated after tha :9.

Next is house updates:
These are all for my big house. My little house is on hiatus until I can get some pink paint. Anyway, the big house is easier to paint, since it's in pieces and all.

Painted House parts
I've painted the walls, and all that's needed is paint for the windows.

Painted floor
Here are the floors. I want to create a stone like texture for the grey parts. I tried Saturday night, but I'm no good at it ;_; It sucked big time. Looks like I'll have to wipe that off and try again *sigh*

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