Saturday 17 January 2009

Pinky Painting


sent me home after finding out Shakespearian Studies class was cancelled (and after we did some misc. school stuff which included me getting a new green form and losing $2 in the process) and I resumed work on my house. Little WF2008 Pinky decided to help me out XD. Haven't named her yet, but then I'm not really in the habit of naming my Pinkies. Only a few lucky ones :P

I had to reprime and respray a few parts, and after finishing the thing, I took off the covering paper and tape:

I think it looks good, but there are a few areas to correct. Like where the tape took off some of the paint:

And where I accidentally put the not-entirely-dried bottom front of the house on some newspaper with dried pink paint on it...

Haiz, more things to do before the house is finally finished...

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