Saturday 17 January 2009

QuikClean Nail polish remover!


This item here is a lifesaver. Yesterday afternoon I opened a brand new sealed can of white paint. The nozzle was leaky, but I still sprayed my doll house with it and left it to dry. The result was a too thick coat of paint that dried with cracks. X( My normal paint thinner dissolves plastic because of the acetone, so that was out. I found this nail polish remover in Hua Ho, Kiulap. Non-acetone, it contains isoprophyl alcohol instead and it doesn't dissolve the plastic! XD

Here's my house after using 1/2 the bottle and a good amount of cotton swabs.




I'm going to put more primer on and respray those parts tomorrow, provided I wake up on time. Ugh, in other news, I lost my green form. Arrrgh, I hope I don't get fined T_T

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