Monday 26 February 2007

Moved from Xanga. Basically, I couldn't be bothered to post anything at all for a year and decided to start up a new blog today. Bad things are afoot down under. Bad things. Why does it all have to happen at once? Odd. Never seen bad things like the past year and this year before. Yet I am still outside for the moment. And a little bit inside. Sick in my stomach, icy grip around my heart. Feel like a wail but it is not strong enough. Curling up would be nice. Crying doesn't solve anything, really. What to do? If I could fix it for you I would, you know I would. But I can't, so what to do? Drinking is silly. But I can see why you do. Sleep is much better. But you are not me. I wonder if it's possible to sleep for a few days straight with sleeping pills? Or would that be too dangerous? Sleep for a couple of days, see if there is any improvement in the situation. If not, well, all you can do is move on with it. Sleeping forever isn't an option. But it hurts, it feels bad. Nothing can be done. Just trudge through it. Eventually the sludge will fall off, eventually, the light will get brighter again. Stab of fear. What if things dont get better? what to do? Nothing. Nothing can do.

Bah. Stupid snail on the wall.