Saturday 27 August 2016

Monster High Minis

I picked up a few Monster High minis a couple of months back, and I like them so much more than I though I would. They mostly (except for my Catrine) have nice paint jobs and feel really well made with a nice solid weight to the plastic. So far I have about six of them, and at $5 a pop, they are not cheap. But then again, toys are just expensive in Australia. I wish I were really rich. Then I'd buy a huge mansion and fill it with dolls and cats. I'll end up being the local haunted witch house, lol.

Venus mini

Mini Monster Mau

Saturday 20 August 2016

Miniature books

Mini books, first try I made these a month, or maybe a month and a half ago. My health has not been very good this year, so I haven't been doing as much as I used to (which isn't very much at all, really...).

I wanted to make books with pages you could turn with real text on it. Lots of research later, and these were born. I also needed to put a piece of sticky tape over the covers because I have a laser printer and the ink cracks when I fold the paper. The sticky tape trick works quite well, fortunately.

After I made this I realised that I wanted the spines to be curved rather than flat. That will be my next lot of books! No idea when I'll get around to doing them. I spent so much time making and remaking these and researching that I don't really want to go back to making tiny books for a little while. Plus I took a shitty picture which I really dislike.