Friday 2 September 2016

Miniature Canvas Paintings

I've picked up some miniature canvases, and found that I really enjoy painting on them. I used to draw a lot, but my interest waned for a few years. I decided to do up some pieces and post them on a local FB group to see if anyone's interested in buying them. So far, I've sold the Wonder Woman and she will be shipped to her new owner on Monday. Yay

I'm taking commissions, so email me if you're interested. Pricing is from $15 - $20, depending on complexity, plus postage.

7x7cm mini canvases

7x7cm mini cancases

Bonus picture--Cloud Dreamer painting Twilight. I've always thought G1 Twilight in the storybooks was so mysterious and pretty. Never had her toy--actually didn't have any MLP growing up despite wanting some. But I did have an awesome MLP storybook. :)

Cloud Dreamer paints Twilight