Tuesday 24 February 2009

New Pinky House Pics

I've sort of finished half the house. There are a few things missing still, like the front door and a proper ceiling instead of that ugly thing where you can see all the lines. And curtains. Haven't got time to sew proper curtains. Anyway here are the pics:

The living room.
Living room

Yuki: "Care for a spot of tea?"
Care for a spot of tea?

Radish with a gardening mag. One of her hobbies is gardening :D
Radish with a gardening mag

Radish's back
Back view

Becks reading to Rui in the bedroom. Probably some dry history text. It's not shown here but Rui's expression doesn't look too happy. All the books in the shelf have "Sylvania" written on the covers. I aim to change that eventually.

View of the bedroom + bathroom. Wish I could show a higher res version of the pic but the width of the blog is on the small side for that.
bedroom-bathroom view

I hate teaching so much.

I hate teaching. I don't enjoy it at all. I had thought I might in the past, because when I tutored kids, there were at times, flashes of time where I did enjoy it (although, overall I really hate tutoring too). Well, now here I am, and hating every second. I hate children, I hate interacting with them and feeling their judgemental eyes on me. The though of having to do this for the rest of my life is positively appalling.

I hate this world and I am just so sick of it.

In other news, I finished half of my dollhouse or kinda--the door and the ceilings aren't done but that half has been wallpapered with scrapbook paper. I meant to take pictures today but it bloody rained after being so freaking hot on the field. Rain means that it's cloudy, and clouds mean that there isn't as much light as I would have liked. I rely on natural light for my pics as I don't have any lamps so no pictures today.

Friday 13 February 2009


Warrrgh Sue!!! I don't know how to teach writing, reading or summarizing!!!

Here have some Pinkies:
The thing Sakura's holding's supposed to be toast from the Rei Eva set btw. Doesn't look very much like toast from this angle... Should have taken a pic from another angle.

pinky yukata

Rei: Wait... are you eating my toast?
Sakura: Um... I like toast.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

I got my camera back! XD

Got my camera back earlier than I thought I would. I left it in my aunt's house at Miri. Thought I'd have to wait at least 3-4 weeks for someone who's going to Miri to bring it back.

House update:

Estimate is at 80% done. I still need to seal it with an overcoat so paint doesn't come off so easily, touch up bits and redo others. I also have to measure the place for wallpaper. And man, do the painted pieces give out fumes. ugh. I hope it dies down eventually.

Blargh, I dont want to go to TP later. Stupid TP. I bet the students will stomp on me and Sue will go wargh at my lesson plans.