Friday 26 June 2009

Bread and Baskets

Here are some baguettes I made with polymer clay and painted with acrylics. The tutorial actually called for using chalk pastels to brush the colour on, but Brunei doesn't have cheap chalk pastels apparently. The only place that sells them is Active Art, and those were like $3 or $4 when I went there last time.

I was also lazy so I just used the dark brown paint out of the bottle and the bread now looks slightly overcooked, but I'm pretty pleased with they way they came out, especially when compared to my past attempts.

Overbaked Baguettes

Here's a comparision of the baguettes with the first loaves I made when I was just starting out. The baguettes are basically Bread Attempt #3.
Bread comparision

I've also 'repainted' the Sylvanian Families basket holding my oranges. I wanted to make itlook less plasticky. I had only intended to dry brush it but I apparently suck at dry brushing. I have mixed feelings with the result. Should I strip the paint and redo it?
Basket comparison

Also, bonus pic: Re-Ment flowers!
Flowers in the Sun

Thursday 25 June 2009

First try--polymer clay oranges

Dug out my clay and made some clay oranges last night. The idea was to make oranges that would look like oranges on the inside as well. Here you can see the clay before it's been baked. The clay is rolled out into canes first then cut and molded into balls. I've made the orange skin too thin so I have a few oddly coloured ones.

Making oranges

Here's the end result: Misshapen orange slices and too orange oranges. Let's just say this has been a learning experience :) I'll do better next time, but I'm pretty sick of oranges right now.
Baked oranges

This is the main reason I decided to make oranges. On the left is a Sylvanian Families basket with Sylvanian oranges and a lemon (?). It's all one ugly piece of badly painted and moulded plastic. The right features my too orange oranges taking over.
Basket of oranges

Friday 19 June 2009

Repainted dining table and chairs

I got this at Giant last year. Fake Sylvanian Families dining table and chairs! The colour is really just atrocious.

Table and chairs repaint 1

Primed and masked and ready to be painted! The primer's actually gray but it loks kinda brown in the pic.

Table and chairs repaint 2

And done! They've been painted with black and red spray paints and given a glossy finish. Seats painted with cheapo acrylics. Still need to seal and touch up those parts.

Table and chairs repaint 3

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Maid Yuki and some new Pinkies

This is for Oxba, who requested Maid Yuki. Here, have some cake too!

Maid Yuki

I got some new Pinkies from Chong Hock the other day--the Sky Crawlers Pinkies (strange choice of anime to Pinky-fy) and the last of the Range Murata Pinkies.
From lef to right: Kannagi Suito, Kannami Yuichi and Caine.

New Pinky St

After some mixing and matching of parts

New Pinkies mix n match

I quite like that combo on Caine (R). Makes her look like a little dictator. I think Yuichi looks good too, sort of like a little business man. No briefcase alas, so he had to make do with the repainted luggage case from the back of the red pinky car.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Coffee and Desert

Coffee and Dessert

Cakes and coffee for desert and the butler's left his cart unattended. I wonder if he'd notice if I took a muffin?

Hmm, Oxba, you'll have to wait for the Yuki pics. I'm not satisfied with the way they came out.

Wednesday 3 June 2009


My course mates probably think I'm some kind of freak now, taking toys on photoshoots during a picnic :x Sandflies are also a horrible blight upon the earth. I got 23-24 bites at Muara beach last week, and the ones I got in December haven't disappeared yet. Ugh. Anyway, this time we went to Tutong and the beach there really has no sand flies. Seems to have less wild life though, we didn't manage to see or catch as many lil crabs.

Anyway, the results of said photoshoot:

Here we have Ohara sporting Agito's front hair (the paint on which is rubbing off, much to my chagrin) and modelling Asuka's sundress.Should have gotten the morning glory in the photo as well.
Morning glory

I nearly lost the greenish-white popsicle. After bringing the pinky back to the picnic area I realized she wasn't holding the green one anymore. Cue O_o. Good thing I found it a little while after, half buried in the sand... Also, when I got home I found that the bottles of drinks in the bg, the some of the paint had been scraped off the package ;_; It seems pretty easy to scrape off the paint now and I'm wondering if it has to do with the trip to the seaside or whether it has always been like this... The pinky holdig the ice cream is Wild Arms Rebecca.

Ice cream

Crab hole!
Crab hole


Without hat

Watching the sea
Watching the sea

Edit: haha, my flickr badge now looks like it has a few little yellow UFO's on it.