Thursday 25 June 2009

First try--polymer clay oranges

Dug out my clay and made some clay oranges last night. The idea was to make oranges that would look like oranges on the inside as well. Here you can see the clay before it's been baked. The clay is rolled out into canes first then cut and molded into balls. I've made the orange skin too thin so I have a few oddly coloured ones.

Making oranges

Here's the end result: Misshapen orange slices and too orange oranges. Let's just say this has been a learning experience :) I'll do better next time, but I'm pretty sick of oranges right now.
Baked oranges

This is the main reason I decided to make oranges. On the left is a Sylvanian Families basket with Sylvanian oranges and a lemon (?). It's all one ugly piece of badly painted and moulded plastic. The right features my too orange oranges taking over.
Basket of oranges

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