Monday 26 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai! XD

Yay, Happy New Year! IT's cow year now!

My mother cooked a lot of stuff for CNY eve dinner. Too bad there were only 4 of us this year, we used to have more people. But one relative retired and left Brunei, a cousin got married and another went overseas to study. Their parents are still here but they decided to go on a trip this year, so it's only my immediate family and I for dinner. So quiet this year...

Chinese New Year dinner! :)

In no particular order: stir fried veggies, prawns in oyster sauce, noodles cooked with meat and shitake mushrooms, Chinese sausage cooked with leek and fried egg, something I don't know the name of, a thick, sticky soup made up of shitake mushrooms, eggs, and carrots, fried chicken, mushroom stuffed with meat served with brocolli and red peppers, hard boiled eggs fried with tofu and spring onions and homemade soybean milk XD I was so bloated after tha :9.

Next is house updates:
These are all for my big house. My little house is on hiatus until I can get some pink paint. Anyway, the big house is easier to paint, since it's in pieces and all.

Painted House parts
I've painted the walls, and all that's needed is paint for the windows.

Painted floor
Here are the floors. I want to create a stone like texture for the grey parts. I tried Saturday night, but I'm no good at it ;_; It sucked big time. Looks like I'll have to wipe that off and try again *sigh*

Friday 23 January 2009

Radish explores a rock pool

Thanks for emailing me the Radish pics Ai Li!

I took Radish out to Tasek Lama on Tuesday for a photoshoot. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera's memory card. I borrowed Ai Li's camera and took a few shots of Radish in a rock pool, but they all came out blurry except this one. I suck at taking pics with Ai Li's camera ;_;

Radish at Tasek Lama

I've also made more progress on both my big and little house, and the little one is very almost complete. But there's still some more tedious covering and spraying to do before it's finally done. In comparision, progress on the big house is moving very quickly. I've sprayed the floors with a combination of black, red and brown and I'm pretty pleased with the effect. The brown paint I got from the one modelling supplies shop I know of today and man, it was costly! $9 for a really teeny weeny can! (pics later).

I also got rained on after exiting the shop due to a miscommunication between Mur and I. I entered the shop through the backdoor, and by the time I got the paint, it had started to rain very heavily and the backdoor was locked. From his car, I thought Mur was signalling for me to go out and around the building to the car, but what he meant was really for me to wait for him out front. I ended up circling the entire building in the heavy downpour. X(

I was also looking for another can of pink paint. Too bad Hotmart's upper levels were closed due to the blackout.

Thursday 22 January 2009

Cowboy Bepop Hollywood Movie

Keanu Reeves is planning to play Sipke Spiegel in the planned Hollywood live action Cowboy Bepop movie. BWAHAHAHAHA!

More info from an interview with Mr. Reeves here.

In other news, all I've been doing today is prime and cover parts of the big house up with tape. I'd been meaning to touch up the pink house with acrylics, but that freaking tape covering is taking so long. I'm doing one of the last pieces and I've been at it since 7 or 8 and it's 1:30 now!

Also, a bird crapped on one of my primed pieces.

Tuesday 20 January 2009

My Pinkies seem to be doing more work than me

There was too much rain and strong wind today to so much of anything except take pictures of pinkies. So here they are! I named the WF2008 Pinky Beck, as her head is actually of the same mold as the Wild Arms Rebecca Pinky (Beck, Becky, get it? lol :V), just with diffently painted eyes. Anyway, here are Moe and Beck, getting ready to do more painting! Beck, of course having dragged the clueless Moe into this.

Painting time with Beck & Moe
Moe: "Why am I here?"
Beck: "To help me paint this house, of course!"
Moe: "Erm, yeah...right. Whatever..."

Not the pink paint
Moe: "I think you're using the wrong paint."
Beck: "Aww, crap..."

Beck: "Doo di doo doo doo~"

With the interior done (for now) Beck moves on to the outside. Moe is nowhere to be seen.
Behold my brush!
Beck: "Behold my mighty brush! I don't need anyone else! With this I can accomplish anything!"

Just a little more...

And let's just leave Beck to paint the rest of the house by herself.

Below is all that I managed to do today, because of the aforementioned wind and rain (shakes fist at weather). I only primed the floor of my large house. It's a bootleg of the Sylvanian Families Willow Hall without working lights.


Not shown here is the piece I thought was dry and put on newspaper. So I managed to get newspaper stuck to my stuff AGAIN. Ugh, live and learn...

Saturday 17 January 2009

Pinky Painting


sent me home after finding out Shakespearian Studies class was cancelled (and after we did some misc. school stuff which included me getting a new green form and losing $2 in the process) and I resumed work on my house. Little WF2008 Pinky decided to help me out XD. Haven't named her yet, but then I'm not really in the habit of naming my Pinkies. Only a few lucky ones :P

I had to reprime and respray a few parts, and after finishing the thing, I took off the covering paper and tape:

I think it looks good, but there are a few areas to correct. Like where the tape took off some of the paint:

And where I accidentally put the not-entirely-dried bottom front of the house on some newspaper with dried pink paint on it...

Haiz, more things to do before the house is finally finished...

QuikClean Nail polish remover!


This item here is a lifesaver. Yesterday afternoon I opened a brand new sealed can of white paint. The nozzle was leaky, but I still sprayed my doll house with it and left it to dry. The result was a too thick coat of paint that dried with cracks. X( My normal paint thinner dissolves plastic because of the acetone, so that was out. I found this nail polish remover in Hua Ho, Kiulap. Non-acetone, it contains isoprophyl alcohol instead and it doesn't dissolve the plastic! XD

Here's my house after using 1/2 the bottle and a good amount of cotton swabs.




I'm going to put more primer on and respray those parts tomorrow, provided I wake up on time. Ugh, in other news, I lost my green form. Arrrgh, I hope I don't get fined T_T

Friday 16 January 2009

I spent too much time on this...

I should be sleeping. But I decided to stay up and put a new layout on the blog instead. Taken from a site credited on the right, I edited a few things. Nothing much. This is really just a test post to see if my posts show up properly.

Thursday 15 January 2009

Random stuff and Leekeworld's Contest

Here're a couple of things that I found that might be of interest.
First up, a toy that apparently uses brain waves to manipulate a ball in a tower. Not surprisingly, it's a Star Wars themed toy (a "Force" trainer). Jedi mind tricks ahoy.

Next up, is Sir Terry Pratchett. That's right, he's been knighted.

Leekeworld's a BJD company and they're holding a drawing contest. Yay! I'll enter even though I highly doubt I'll win anything, what with all the competition out there. Plus colour pencils don't look as good as paints or CG, and dont seem to transfer well onto the computer. Or I really don't know how to colour and scan/edit ._.

Anyway, here're the contest rules. No idea what exactly the prize is going to be, however.

Monthly Event One.
JAN 19th to FEB 22nd – DollLeeke's-illust contest
-. Application : Mail ->
( Illusts draw about DollLeeke anyway you like! )
- Application form :
(1) a name/Website ID/mail/telephone number/Type of Illust's DollLeeke
(2) Detailed explanation about Illust draw.
(3) Appended file : 1 page or more
- Winner of the prize's Illust is going to use in Leekeworld's Products.
- We are going to give 3 winners of the prize for DollLeeke.
(4) Winners are informed in the notice on FEB 27th.

Tuesday 13 January 2009

Babblebrook bunnies

Credit for the pictures goes to Wendy of

See those bunnies on the left? I have the brother and sister figures, secondhand. Those are the mother and father figurines. They are listed as being in excellent condition, and cost 5USD. It's a bargain, I think normally, Sylvanians for for about 12USD each.I have no money. I am sad. And the figures have been sold when I went to look at them again today ;_; Oh well, I hope to find other bargains eventually...

I love the grey bears as well. They're the Timbertop bear grandparents. I kinda want them as well... Looks like I want everything, heh. They cost about $8 each, and are still on the market.

I haven't done anything with my house today, I went out to see the doctor for the dizzy spells I'd been having recently. Apparenty I need better sleeping patterns? :/ Well, that cost me $24 to find out. I think it's that much because the doc gave me medicine for my cough as well.

Sunday 11 January 2009

An update just because

I've forgotten to take any pictures. And I'm too lazy to do so now. My house is looking more complete, but suffering from colour bleeds where I was careless. Some of the paper covering the bits I didn't want pink got wet (again, carelessness--I left it in the rain) and stuck to the paint. I've removed some if it with water, but there're stains on it now. Looks like I'll have to repaint those areas. Argh, this house is taking too long to paint. The area where I do my spraying is disgusting now. Full of bird poo. Ugh.

I want more toys. This little set here is just so cute, I desire it. It would fit my future bakery/bed and breakfast house <3

The set was made as one of the extras for the Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Restaurant released last year. It combines a kind of outdoor style restaurant with a house. I don't really like this new restaurant, I prefer the Kitchen Restaurant released in 2005. The Kitchen Restaurant looks rather like a diner and you can stack a cottage (sold seperately) on top of it to make a taller building. They rereleased the Kitchen Restaurant last year in limited quantities, for some reason.

(Images of the Kitchen Restaurant stolen from the Tama Boutique)

Here are some of the other sets released for the Chocolate Rabbit Restaurant (the cake stand above is actually one of them). Even though I don't like the Chocolate Rabbit restaurant, I adore the supplementary sets.

These pictures come from the official Japanese Sylvanian site)

Stew stand

There are even stew inserts that can fit both into the laddle and the bowl! This means it's a mighty big laddle though...

Food set--This one is just too cute! I definitely want this one. Bear pancakes *drools*

Doughnut stand--this one's cute (like all the others) but is not paricularly big on my want list.

Sylvanian Families also released a limited cat family last year. I've slowly fallen in love with these little critters. They're different from normal families in that they're mixed. Most Sylvanians have critters that look alike save for size, but this family's gone and married outside the clan :p I guess this means they're the only ones not comitting incest?


Saturday 10 January 2009

2 Years!

Oh, wow, it's been two years since I last posted here. I think I'll turn this thing into a blog about my toy obsession. I'll just need to get off my ass and actually post pictures. Blogs without pictures are pretty boring, I think. Well, that'll have to come tomorrow, I need to recharge my camera's batteries first.

Currently, I'm repainting a bootleg Sylvanian Families house. The Willow Hall Conservatory, in fact. It's going to be pink and white instead of the original colour scheme, which is pretty similar to the original building minus all the cool wooden texturing. The house will then be filled with Re-Ment's Strawberry House furniture as well as a strawberry cupboard from Re-Ment's Eggs, Beans and Berries set. I somehow managed to get the Strawberry House's secret set in my box set so that means I don't get the strawberry plant regular set (set #6). I was not too happy about that because I didn't really like the secret set, but oh well, it's not so bad. Now I just gotta find the regular strawberry plant set...

I originally bought a bootleg Sylvanian house for my Pinky St dolls. When I got it however, I noticed it was too bare--it needed furniture. So I went and got some expensive, genuine Sylvanian families furniture for the house. Then I realized just how cute and well made the originals were. Love, man love. Now my pocket is crying, and I have more real Sylvanian furniture and a few figures and craving yet more. Why things gotta be so expensive. I wanna be rich!

A similar thing happened with Re-Ment. Got a few for the Pinkies, never intended to get more, saw them, saw online pictures and fell in love. I wish MegaHouse was still making miniatures. Their stuff is really cute too. Especially the Panda Candy Shop. Arrgh, I really want that. But ?I have no moneeeeeey. *whine* Anyone want to commission drawings from me? Heheheh...