Thursday 15 January 2009

Random stuff and Leekeworld's Contest

Here're a couple of things that I found that might be of interest.
First up, a toy that apparently uses brain waves to manipulate a ball in a tower. Not surprisingly, it's a Star Wars themed toy (a "Force" trainer). Jedi mind tricks ahoy.

Next up, is Sir Terry Pratchett. That's right, he's been knighted.

Leekeworld's a BJD company and they're holding a drawing contest. Yay! I'll enter even though I highly doubt I'll win anything, what with all the competition out there. Plus colour pencils don't look as good as paints or CG, and dont seem to transfer well onto the computer. Or I really don't know how to colour and scan/edit ._.

Anyway, here're the contest rules. No idea what exactly the prize is going to be, however.

Monthly Event One.
JAN 19th to FEB 22nd – DollLeeke's-illust contest
-. Application : Mail ->
( Illusts draw about DollLeeke anyway you like! )
- Application form :
(1) a name/Website ID/mail/telephone number/Type of Illust's DollLeeke
(2) Detailed explanation about Illust draw.
(3) Appended file : 1 page or more
- Winner of the prize's Illust is going to use in Leekeworld's Products.
- We are going to give 3 winners of the prize for DollLeeke.
(4) Winners are informed in the notice on FEB 27th.

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