Tuesday 20 January 2009

My Pinkies seem to be doing more work than me

There was too much rain and strong wind today to so much of anything except take pictures of pinkies. So here they are! I named the WF2008 Pinky Beck, as her head is actually of the same mold as the Wild Arms Rebecca Pinky (Beck, Becky, get it? lol :V), just with diffently painted eyes. Anyway, here are Moe and Beck, getting ready to do more painting! Beck, of course having dragged the clueless Moe into this.

Painting time with Beck & Moe
Moe: "Why am I here?"
Beck: "To help me paint this house, of course!"
Moe: "Erm, yeah...right. Whatever..."

Not the pink paint
Moe: "I think you're using the wrong paint."
Beck: "Aww, crap..."

Beck: "Doo di doo doo doo~"

With the interior done (for now) Beck moves on to the outside. Moe is nowhere to be seen.
Behold my brush!
Beck: "Behold my mighty brush! I don't need anyone else! With this I can accomplish anything!"

Just a little more...

And let's just leave Beck to paint the rest of the house by herself.

Below is all that I managed to do today, because of the aforementioned wind and rain (shakes fist at weather). I only primed the floor of my large house. It's a bootleg of the Sylvanian Families Willow Hall without working lights.


Not shown here is the piece I thought was dry and put on newspaper. So I managed to get newspaper stuck to my stuff AGAIN. Ugh, live and learn...

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