Thursday 8 May 2014

The Candyman Comes

I've been away from this blog for a while. At first I went overseas for a month--back to my home country visit all my friends and family. I really miss jungles. And I've noticed that my body no longer can tolerate tropical heat as well as it used to. :( I used to be able to wear ankle length skirts and long sleeves in that weather and feel nothing. Now I need shorts and short sleeves.

I've also been focusing on my studies for the past couple of months. Some of it's over now. Anyway, two new pictures!

Mr Marmalade and his sweet cart

I really love the old Megahouse miniatures. It's really too bad that they stopped making them. The old Megahouse panda candy cart scales perfectly with the larger adult Sylvanians. Most of the current adults aren't as big as the old bear molds so they don't work as well. I originally had father Timbertop as the owner, but after I got this Marmalade bear, I decided that his clothes looked more like a candyman's should.

I love the little Megahouse candy. I'm missing about two or three of the sets, but I couldn't cram much more on the cart anyway. I should take more close up pictures of the contents of the cart.

The Customer
Mr Marmalade: That'll be $56.

Jack: What? For a candy bar? That's crazy!

Mr Marmalade: It's vintage. That's the last one I have from 1958.

Jack: I don't think I want this any more.