Friday 8 January 2016

Baby Bratz custom

I found a bag of Baby Bratz dolls at the local op shop (thrift store). I've got a ton of unfinished projects, but hey, what's one more? I admit, I dislike the strong makeup that most fashion dolls have. I know lots of people love that fierce, edgy look, but I prefer softer colours.

Baby Bratz thrift store find
I repainted one of the dolls and gave her the biggest anime eyes I could get away with. And made her pink. So pink, because I love pastel pink (neon pink can go jump off a cliff) and because I only had pink ruffle ribbon. Her dress is basically a cheat dress made of ruffle ribbon and lace. Turned out better than I thought it would. I think I'll have to try it on some SF figures and if it works out, do a small tutorial. Her hair is made of brushed yarn because I don't really want to spend money ordering proper doll hair. I used colour pencils to do her hair, but it was pain and a half and didn't come out as nicely as I wanted. Next time I'm just going to use paint. I'm thinking of doing up the rest of the dolls in this style, with different colours.

Custom Baby Bratz

Went on holiday, bought things:

Presents from me to me
The Sylvanian restaurant set was also from Toys R Us, but I bought it on sale about a month and a half ago. Just hadn't gotten around to opening it, ha. Now that I have, I've discovered that the building is full of interesting molded details to paint.

I finally got Wydowna! I've been wanting her for two years now, but the prices for her in Australia are ridiculous. $50 normal retail? Ugh. I've tried trading for her with a Haunted Rochelle on the Monster High Arena forum, but the trades fell through THREE times after people realised how much shipping from America to Australia would cost. >_>

Anyway, I finally found Wydowna for the much more reasonable price of $35. Toys R Us had a pretty good discount on Monster High. I even got Iris too, because I love the monstery-ness of a one eyed fashion doll. My husband said she looked like a green Leela.

I love the more monstery dolls of MH. I hope the reboot doesn't wreck that. I know I said that I like softer pastel colours on dolls, but sometimes a fierce look just suits them. Depends on the character and the mold. I like the wide eyed look the reboot preview showed for Lala and Frankie, but on Cleo? Nope. Big piles of Nope. Cleo looks best with her narrow eyes and dark make up.

I also need to blog about the wonderful package Wildberry sent me. Her handmade sock is lovely, and the chocolates--yum! I love the ski set and everything. All nicely wrapped too. XD

Sylvanian Sock Swap 2015

Sylvanian Sock Swap 2015