Thursday 8 June 2017

New SF haul

Blog is kinda dead, haven't been feeling like much of anything lately. Thought I'd post about my latest lot of SF, since I do like having a little record of what I got in the past when I look through my old posts.


My vintage lot arrived! The only reason I was even on FB at the right time to buy these was because I got my pants caught in the wire wheel attachment of my husband's drill. I had been cleaning some rust off the prize machine birdcage. My fault for wearing baggy pants! It caught in the drill and ripped half off my leg. I was browsing FB while waiting for my husband to come and help free me. 

There are some regular dollhouse bits mixed in. I accidentally broke the dollhouse scissors becuase I thought it would pull apart but I ended up snapping the handles instead...

I really hadn't expected the sewing machine set to be complete. That and the little ceramic set with the brown design. All of it is in really good condition! I'm especially stoked about the brass bed, I've been wanting one for ages. It fits so well in the Highfields farmhouse. I'm really impressed by the detail in the vintage accessories. The pain palette actually has molded on paint--it looks textured and real. The little tubes of paint are all individual pieces (stickers need regluing though) and the picture canvas is actually molded and textured to look like a real canvas under the painting sticker. Also, the green slide has such a cute design on it that wasn't apparent in the seller photos.

Vintage SF haul

Also pretty stoked about these figures. They're all in pretty good condition, except for maybe the father Babblebrook who has some discoloured spots. I think the Honeypot bride is missing a bow on her veil. And my first Catwood! She's adorable. VIntage SF haul