Friday 7 August 2015

Summer Swap 2015 Custom

Now that bloem has received my swap goodies I can post the custom baby carry case I sent her. XD

Sylvanian Summer Swap 2015

Clothes glued together, as I still can't sew and believe me, I tried. I tried to make a simple skirt and failed, ugh, so I just glued a bit of lace together. I made the bucket made of paper and wire (used some of Rainy Blues' paper cup templates, cut down to size) , shovel made of paper and a cocktail toothpick end, and sand made of polymer clay.

Monday 3 August 2015

Sylvanian Summer Swap

I signed up for a summer swap (it's winter here down under, lol) on the Sylvanian Forums. The packages have started coming in and I received mine from the lovely Kyraja in Germany. I absolutely love the dress and the DIY bed kit! Especially the cute owl fabric. I'll take pics once I've put it together.

 Items from Kyraja:
  Sylvanian Summer Swap

I love that she got me the little Emily Trunk. The standing baby elephants have been been discontinued so I don't see them in the shops anymore. The sandwich set has interesting play features--you can actually stuff salad into the gaps in the bread, and the bread holds it in quite firmly too. A simple and effective play design. I never noticed before. I thought you had to hold all the separate sandwich bits together using your fingers.

 Here's Emily nicking a sandwich from the counter as mum orders a bagel.