Friday 3 January 2014

New forum and Japanese room set review

The Sylvanian Families community has moved! LadyLollipop has graciously offered to host and set up a new forum. Runboard was a bit limited where features were concerned.

Come join us at the new forum here: and help the community grow!

I've also done a review of the old Japanese room set over there.
Sylvanian Families Japanese Room
Review link:

Here are a few pictures:
I used a Mulberry mother to model this. I'm pretty sure the outfit was meant for a male, but the mother's dress was easier to get off. Not that it matters anyway, Sylvanians are mostly the same without clothes.
I had to take a picture of a Pinky. They are the reason I even have this set. I'm certainly not paying current ebay prices for them now! I got it way back, before I was into SF because I thought it looked fantastic with them. I've never taken a picture of any of them with it until now. I'm sad Pinky: St isn't releasing regularly anymore. That's what made me lose interest and turn to SF. I'd forgotten how cute they can be.
Pinky St, looking cute


  1. What a darling set and lovely photographs. Thanks for the heads up about the new forum--I'll go check it out! I'm one of your newest followers and glad to be here! :-) xo Jennifer

  2. Thanks for following. :) I love the minis on your blog!

  3. Very cute Japanese outfit and set! Looks great. ~Julia

  4. This is awesome!! I just love your decorated sylvanian things and the way you took the pictures. I think i've seen your pictures on Flickr and am so glad to find your blog. I am a sylvanian fan too.Welcome to my blog: