Sunday 8 July 2012

Grand Mansion update

Thought I would update the progress on the Grand Mansion. I keep thinking that I would finish soon, but there's always another little thing that needs to be done, heh.


Here's the repainted front door. I think the it needs a door knocker or something, don't you?

Living room

This is the living room with a little printed rug. I looked for dollhouse rugs on ebay and I realised that most of the cheaper options were actually too big. Printing rugs is much cheaper and you can resize them to fit! There's at least one on every floor now. I'm also wondering if I should paint some gold edging on this side of the door too.

Kitchen/ dining room
 Kitchen and dining room - The original floor is a pale colour with wood effects. Since I like darker floors (and I'd accidentally ripped up some of the floor when I was masking it earlier - oops) I found a dark wood texture and printed it out. The buildings are too wide for a single piece of A4 paper to completely cover so I printed out another one. The result was a very visible (to picky old me) seam that bothered me a lot. In the end I used some wood effect contact paper used to line shelves for the flooring. Much better! The contact paper is pasted onto some cardstock so I can remove the paper easily in the future if I ever want to change the flooring.

Bedroom - The wallpaper was not supposed to have that pinkish purple tinge. My printer was running out of yellow toner, so for a while everything I printed had this purple tinge. I thought that for a bedroom, the wallpaper looked all right with the pink-purple, so I left it.

Unfinished bathroom Bathroom - As yet unfinished. I ran out of steam at this point. ^^;;

I also found some lamps to use for the front of the house. I think these were originally from the river boat or something. These resemble the original lamps enough that I'm satisfied. I'm just unsure whether I should leave them gold or spray them black like in the original version. The don't really fit into the tabs on the pillars, unfortunately. They keep falling off. I think that a bit of blu tac will solve the problem.

Currently the finished floors are fully furnished, I just need to reflock some chairs, find some picture frames to go on the walls, do up a few simple curtains and then I'll take some pics. Or should I just take pics and post them up now since I probably won't be working on the building for a few more weeks? I need to finish the little conservatory on the side too.


Recently, I've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love Aang, he's totes adorbs, guys. I never liked his character design until I actually watched the series. He's sooo cute I just want to squish his cheeks. Or ride Omashu's postal system with him. Maybe not, I think I would die.

I've just finished season 2 and things have definitely become more serious this round. Not as much random adventure type fillers this time.