Thursday 19 April 2012

Flocking Sylvanians

After flocking that chair cushion, I found a little bootlegged sheep and thought it would be a great figure to experiment flocking on. I bought some flocking powder from BNA Model World ( I just chose the cheapest ones, the ones from The Parts Box) and used this tutorial. Flocking a figurine is a lot more time consuming and messy than flocking a flat cushion. Very messy. Anyway, I decided to create a little black sheep baby.
The bootlegged figurine. It's been lying forgotten in an unused handbag for about a year.

Bootleg Sylvanian sheep

I removed the eyes and all the flocking with something called Orange Power. It's a glue remover, and it was very helpful. I'd been trying to scrape off the flocking with my fingernails and warm water before that, and Orange Power makes the glue just slide off.

Flocking and eyes removed

I painted the sheep grey. In retrospect, I should have painted it black, but I didn't want the grey spot to end up looking too dark. Now I think black would have given a better effect.

Painted grey

And several days of glue applying, drying and getting dust everywhere, and probably breathing inb more flocking than is good for me (seriously, wear a mask folks) she's done! I think I will call her Emily. It's kind of close to Emma, and I want them to be cousins or something, heh.

Little Black Sheep

I want to make a dress for her in the future, but this one will do for now. There are a few shiny spots on her leg and arm where I applied too much glue, but luckily with the dress on it's hard to see. I also should have painted on her nose instead of painting the flocking, I think it would have looked better. Also I'm just guessing at where the nose should be now as the flocking obscured so much of the fine detail.

Here's a picture comparing her to an original Sylvanian sheep baby.

Black sheep and original Sylvanian sheep

The original has a fatter, cuter head mold IMHO. The bootleg has a head that looks weird and skinny. I'm tempted to get a standing baby to flock so I can have a black sheep baby with a fat head. Not anytime soon though, I'm pretty sick of flocking for now.


  1. You are so clever!
    That must have been insanely hard!
    She looks really cute too.
    Thanks for following. :)


  2. Thanks! XD I wouldn't call myself clever, I feel like I'm randomly throwing paint (or flocking) at things until they stick most of the time.

  3. Hello! The black baby sheep is adorable!! Love it! :-)

    You're really good at handicrafts. :-O I love how your post office turned out, and the way you customized that pony is awsome. :-)

  4. I remember you saying that the flocking wasn't soft. I'm wondering if you were to buy the more expensive flicking if that would turn out softer. I want a black rabbit and black sheep as well. Seriously, for a bootleg baby sheep, she is pretty darn cute.

  5. How did you reflock it?
    I want to do the same for my sylvanian baby bunny

  6. Also how did you remove and put back in the eyes?

  7. Wow, great tutorial. Okay I will wear a mask.