Sunday 16 August 2009

Grocery shopping

The contest is over, and here are the winning entries. I don't like the entry that got 1st. I saw the pic of the second prize winner on flickr, and it looks significantly better over there, not all blurred and stuff. I think of the two, the 2nd prize winner has the nicer pic.

Anyway, Ai Li's insane textmate session resulted in a blindboxed Re-Ment prize that she gave to me ^-^ Thank you Ai Li!

Gift of Groceries

After picking up the prize and shopping a little (I spent the most money ;_;), we ended up doing this:

I come bearing Biskits

L to R: Me, Mur and Ai Li

Mur: I come bearing Bizkits! And an empty bottle! :D
Pei: Why do you have a cat in there that is giving us the finger?!
Ai Li: ... haiz...

Hiya Amal

Everyone: Hi, Amal!
Amal: Hiii! Oooo, what's that, lemme see...CHOCS! :D


Mur: :D
Amal: :)
Pei: >:o
Ai Li: :|
Cat: _|_

Wednesday 5 August 2009

The voting page is up

Well, it's been up since the 3rd actually. Anyway, here's the link to the voting page, feel free to vote for which ever you like! May the best pic win. I know my entry is too pink for some tastes (it nearly sent my bf into diabetic shock, it's the one with the Pinky St and the red tv), so I don't expect to win anything.

Also,'s method of voting is really open to abuse. All you need to do is create several new emails for yourself and you could put yourself in the lead. And I see a rather suspicious number of votes for one particular entry. Could be just my jealousness talking.

There is a rather large disparity between the prizes, the first prize is a miniature toy combo pack worth RM150 and a cuteminis voucher worth RM100, while the runner up gets a cuteminis voucher of only RM80. Seriously, what's up with that?

Sunday 2 August 2009

Strawberry House

I entered these pics to the photography competition. I hope I made it before the deadline. The house is a repaint of a Willow Hall Conservatory bootleg. This thing's actually been an on and off project for nearly a year--it's pretty hard to paint since all the pieces are glued in place and you can't pull it apart without breaking it. I've also made a huge ton of mistakes (bubbles, paint runs, you name it and I've made it) since this is the first thing I ever tried repainting. That means more time consuming paint removal and redoing.

This house was also not meant for the pinky doll in it. The Sylvanian bear I wanted to put in was unfortunately too dirty and I didn't have time to clean it.

Anyway, here're the pics. Don't die from the pink overload :P

Strawberry House



It's the weather forecast

Strawberry vanity