Saturday 26 December 2015

Nuka Cola Cap Collector Box

I got this at my work Christmas Party. I gave it to my husband, because I thought it would be funny. He looked at it awkwardly and told me that I should put some Nuka Cola caps in it. I had thought about it before giving him the box but felt a little reluctant because the last time I made Nuka Cola caps it was for my brother-in-law's funeral.

Nuka Cola Cap Box Project

Anyway, in the end I decided that I would go ahead and redo the entire box and give it to my husband as a Christmas gift. I planned on doing up the bottle caps with far more detail that the funeral caps had, and in a variety of types. Make real life Nuka Cola caps have something positive  associated with it rather than just that horrible memory.

I wanted to do it up with a Fallout theme, but in a way that also made some kind of sense. I mean, why would anyone have a box for collecting bottle caps? Thus the Bottle Cap Lottery and the Cap Collection Crate was born.

The front of the box. I think I should have put Cap Collector's Crate on it instead, but it was too late by then. I had thought about Cola Cap Crate, but for some reason the closeness of the 'c', 'p' and 'r' letters made me think of 'crap'.

Nuka Cola Cap Box Project

The back of the box with the contest rules. Hope it's readable. Husband said that he reckons that the time limit for turning in the box of caps should be about two weeks. I wonder if you'd turn into a ghoul if you tried to drink 500 Nuka Colas in two weeks? And mmm, food paste.

Nuka Cola Cap Box Project

Here are the caps. I know there's a Sunset Sarsparilla one in there. Me head canon is that whoever had it las just chucked one in there thinking that no one would notice. But those cap counter people at Nuka Cola are very thorough. They will find out. Also couldn't resist a Nuka Cola Yellow. There is no Nuka Cola Yellow. Just some dude who 'makes water'.

Fallout Bottle Caps

Sunday 20 December 2015

2015 Sylvanian Baby Ornament Swap 2

Received my package from CastorFiber. She's amazing. The ornament she made is simply gorgeous, and the little cat face is adorable. Plus she put in all these extras too, including little crafty things and accessories as well as an SF telephone set! And so many yummy chocolates and sweets! This makes me embarrassed about what I put into my Sock Swap package. It's no where near as elaborate as this... :x

SF Swap parcel from CastorFiber
SF Swap parcel from CastorFiber
SF Swap parcel from CastorFiber

Thursday 17 December 2015

2015 Baby Sylvanian Swap

Baby Sylvanian Ornament Swaqp 2015

Joined the Sylvanian baby ornament swap. Now that my partner has received it, I can post about it. :D I'm really glad she likes it because many times I looked at what I was doing with that gingerbread house and my eyes felt like they were going to fall out from sheer exasperation. It didn't turn out the way I had intended (I had envisioned something a little more simple and clean looking). I still need to practise my piping, it's rather messy looking. At least I discovered a better way of cleaning my piping nozzle. Wet wipes FTW. Don't know why I never considered something so simple. I never liked using that piping nozzle because of the clean up, but now it's much simpler and I can read manga in front of my computer while I'm doing it.

I've been finding it harder and harder to want to do anything crafty lately. I just feel so blah about everything in general.

I've been practising sewing on a Baby Bratz doll. My sewing is still shocking, but at least I can say I made some clothing with *gasp* the help of a needle. I didn't sew anything for the baby swap. The Sylvanian bear's clothes are held together using my best friend, craft glue. I really should do more sewing. It's probably easier and less messy to stitch something together than to glue down every seam (the dreaded glue strings, ugh). I learned a few new things about bashing cloth together to form clothing together after doing the Bratz dress and the SF dress. I just have to apply that knowledge to actual sewing, hah...

The original ornament was something I got from Kmart. It was a snowy scene with a white house and two pine trees.

Hopefully I'll feel more alive once the holidays kick in mid next week.

I bought my first few Amiibos. Animal Crossing ones. I can't resist Animal Crossing. Nintendo's got my wallet in a death grip. Send help.