Saturday 10 January 2009

2 Years!

Oh, wow, it's been two years since I last posted here. I think I'll turn this thing into a blog about my toy obsession. I'll just need to get off my ass and actually post pictures. Blogs without pictures are pretty boring, I think. Well, that'll have to come tomorrow, I need to recharge my camera's batteries first.

Currently, I'm repainting a bootleg Sylvanian Families house. The Willow Hall Conservatory, in fact. It's going to be pink and white instead of the original colour scheme, which is pretty similar to the original building minus all the cool wooden texturing. The house will then be filled with Re-Ment's Strawberry House furniture as well as a strawberry cupboard from Re-Ment's Eggs, Beans and Berries set. I somehow managed to get the Strawberry House's secret set in my box set so that means I don't get the strawberry plant regular set (set #6). I was not too happy about that because I didn't really like the secret set, but oh well, it's not so bad. Now I just gotta find the regular strawberry plant set...

I originally bought a bootleg Sylvanian house for my Pinky St dolls. When I got it however, I noticed it was too bare--it needed furniture. So I went and got some expensive, genuine Sylvanian families furniture for the house. Then I realized just how cute and well made the originals were. Love, man love. Now my pocket is crying, and I have more real Sylvanian furniture and a few figures and craving yet more. Why things gotta be so expensive. I wanna be rich!

A similar thing happened with Re-Ment. Got a few for the Pinkies, never intended to get more, saw them, saw online pictures and fell in love. I wish MegaHouse was still making miniatures. Their stuff is really cute too. Especially the Panda Candy Shop. Arrgh, I really want that. But ?I have no moneeeeeey. *whine* Anyone want to commission drawings from me? Heheheh...

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