Friday 23 January 2009

Radish explores a rock pool

Thanks for emailing me the Radish pics Ai Li!

I took Radish out to Tasek Lama on Tuesday for a photoshoot. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera's memory card. I borrowed Ai Li's camera and took a few shots of Radish in a rock pool, but they all came out blurry except this one. I suck at taking pics with Ai Li's camera ;_;

Radish at Tasek Lama

I've also made more progress on both my big and little house, and the little one is very almost complete. But there's still some more tedious covering and spraying to do before it's finally done. In comparision, progress on the big house is moving very quickly. I've sprayed the floors with a combination of black, red and brown and I'm pretty pleased with the effect. The brown paint I got from the one modelling supplies shop I know of today and man, it was costly! $9 for a really teeny weeny can! (pics later).

I also got rained on after exiting the shop due to a miscommunication between Mur and I. I entered the shop through the backdoor, and by the time I got the paint, it had started to rain very heavily and the backdoor was locked. From his car, I thought Mur was signalling for me to go out and around the building to the car, but what he meant was really for me to wait for him out front. I ended up circling the entire building in the heavy downpour. X(

I was also looking for another can of pink paint. Too bad Hotmart's upper levels were closed due to the blackout.

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