Tuesday 13 January 2009

Babblebrook bunnies

Credit for the pictures goes to Wendy of sylvanian-families.net

See those bunnies on the left? I have the brother and sister figures, secondhand. Those are the mother and father figurines. They are listed as being in excellent condition, and cost 5USD. It's a bargain, I think normally, Sylvanians for for about 12USD each.I have no money. I am sad. And the figures have been sold when I went to look at them again today ;_; Oh well, I hope to find other bargains eventually...

I love the grey bears as well. They're the Timbertop bear grandparents. I kinda want them as well... Looks like I want everything, heh. They cost about $8 each, and are still on the market.

I haven't done anything with my house today, I went out to see the doctor for the dizzy spells I'd been having recently. Apparenty I need better sleeping patterns? :/ Well, that cost me $24 to find out. I think it's that much because the doc gave me medicine for my cough as well.

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