Wednesday 3 June 2009


My course mates probably think I'm some kind of freak now, taking toys on photoshoots during a picnic :x Sandflies are also a horrible blight upon the earth. I got 23-24 bites at Muara beach last week, and the ones I got in December haven't disappeared yet. Ugh. Anyway, this time we went to Tutong and the beach there really has no sand flies. Seems to have less wild life though, we didn't manage to see or catch as many lil crabs.

Anyway, the results of said photoshoot:

Here we have Ohara sporting Agito's front hair (the paint on which is rubbing off, much to my chagrin) and modelling Asuka's sundress.Should have gotten the morning glory in the photo as well.
Morning glory

I nearly lost the greenish-white popsicle. After bringing the pinky back to the picnic area I realized she wasn't holding the green one anymore. Cue O_o. Good thing I found it a little while after, half buried in the sand... Also, when I got home I found that the bottles of drinks in the bg, the some of the paint had been scraped off the package ;_; It seems pretty easy to scrape off the paint now and I'm wondering if it has to do with the trip to the seaside or whether it has always been like this... The pinky holdig the ice cream is Wild Arms Rebecca.

Ice cream

Crab hole!
Crab hole


Without hat

Watching the sea
Watching the sea

Edit: haha, my flickr badge now looks like it has a few little yellow UFO's on it.

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