Wednesday 17 June 2009

Maid Yuki and some new Pinkies

This is for Oxba, who requested Maid Yuki. Here, have some cake too!

Maid Yuki

I got some new Pinkies from Chong Hock the other day--the Sky Crawlers Pinkies (strange choice of anime to Pinky-fy) and the last of the Range Murata Pinkies.
From lef to right: Kannagi Suito, Kannami Yuichi and Caine.

New Pinky St

After some mixing and matching of parts

New Pinkies mix n match

I quite like that combo on Caine (R). Makes her look like a little dictator. I think Yuichi looks good too, sort of like a little business man. No briefcase alas, so he had to make do with the repainted luggage case from the back of the red pinky car.

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