Tuesday 24 February 2009

New Pinky House Pics

I've sort of finished half the house. There are a few things missing still, like the front door and a proper ceiling instead of that ugly thing where you can see all the lines. And curtains. Haven't got time to sew proper curtains. Anyway here are the pics:

The living room.
Living room

Yuki: "Care for a spot of tea?"
Care for a spot of tea?

Radish with a gardening mag. One of her hobbies is gardening :D
Radish with a gardening mag

Radish's back
Back view

Becks reading to Rui in the bedroom. Probably some dry history text. It's not shown here but Rui's expression doesn't look too happy. All the books in the shelf have "Sylvania" written on the covers. I aim to change that eventually.

View of the bedroom + bathroom. Wish I could show a higher res version of the pic but the width of the blog is on the small side for that.
bedroom-bathroom view

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  1. Wow that looks amazing I LOVE!! the mat you used in the living room, it looks a bit like a little sushi roller I love looking at your pictures and stealing i mean looking at the room decoration ideas [he he rubs hands together and darts eyes side to side]