Friday 6 March 2009

Thursday was one of those days...

...where almost everything that could go wrong did. First thing that happened wasa that Greg booked the projector for use during the last two perods just before I could. He told me that he might not need it and to see im during break to confirm. Bugger. My whole lesson was based on a video on my laptop.

The next thing that happned involved relieving a teacher who was sick. Now, I don't mind helping her out, but due to my horrible lack of preparation I was desperately trying to finish some of the stuff I had to do for my lessons after break. One of these things was taping newspapers together to cover up 4A's curtainless classroom so I could use the projector.

Oh well, I decided to finish what I needed to do in 3J, the class I was to relieve for her. In my infinite wisdom decided to let this class have a 'free' period where they did not have to do anything as long as they did not make too much noise. Some of the boys decided to sit on the ground at the back of the class. I didn't tell them to get up, because, hey, they were just chatting, right? No harm done if they just wanted to sit on the disgusting floor and chat right? Wrong. The principal came in and asked me if I had asked them to sit on the floor. Er... no (I just hadn't told them to get up) She then to the boys out of the class and scolded them for what seemed like a good 10 minutes. Uh boy...

I also found out that the newspaper coverings I had made were too small for the windows. And that there were 8 windows in each class, not 4. I spent the relief class using up all the newspapers I had to make the coverings bigger. I couldn't finish my lesson plans either.

After break was the start of 4E's periods. I orignally wanted to finish modelling essay preparatory work for them in the first half hour and leave the next half hour for them to start their essays. I ended up modelling for the next 40 minutes or so and helping most of the students do their essay preparatory work for the rest of the period. I think only one or two of them actually started any real writing. Also, 5 boys came in 15 minutes late. I did not know what to do with these people. :(

Class management is going down the drain. I could get along with the class during the first few periods, and then my CT decided he could leave me alone with them nstead of watching from the back. That was the day I got quite cross with them. Uh boy, big mistake. One of the boys told me that I was cute when I was angry. I think getting angry with them actually accelerated their bad behaviour. Now they are always loud, noisy, they sing in class (what is it with noisy kids and singing?) and rap out tunes on the tables. Sometimes I have to scream at the top of my voice just to be heard. Then they tell me to calm down. I think a different strategy may be in order for this lot...

After this class was 4A, the class I wanted to use the projector in. Greg had given me the go ahead with the projector during break. Yay, right? when I got to class, I realized there was no electricity. I ended up asking all 27 of my students to gather around the laptop to watch the clip instead. Good thing I have a big screen.

After school, my eyes leaked in front of my 4E CT. *face palms* Shiiiit.

Oh well, I guess it could be worse. It probably will get worse, but meh, one day at a time. A good chunk of it was my fault anyway, at least I know some things can be prevented next time.

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