Friday 3 December 2010

I won the Pinky St Contest!

Wow, I actually won the Pinky St Contest (link is really pic heavy and contains all the entries btw). My entry is no. 9, Wings aka The Flying Doohickey Contest. I really hadn't expected to win. I got really lightheaded when I saw the results...:P I really expected entry no. 11, The Printing Supply Thief to win, because I thought it was cool, had a clever story and the props were great!

I admit that I hadn't finished editing my entry in Photoshop to the extent that I was satisfied with it, but by then it was already 5 mins to the deadline... I did spend massive amounts of time and energy on the entry though, creating the props and looking for suitable textures and pictures to create backdrops with, etc. Even ended up with back pain from hunching over things for so long... but it was worth it! XD

I learned a few things from this contest. I learned that if you try to create nearly all the props and backdrops from scratch, it really takes a lot longer than you think it will take. A LOT LONGER. Like, if I think it'll take me X amount of time to finish, it'll really take X x5 amount of time or something silly. I've also learned that I'm apparently good at bashing up random objects out of paper and styrofoam if I stop thinking and let my hands do the work.

Anyway, enough rambling, here's the prize!

Steampunk Pullip Eos

She's gorgeously steampunk XD She's also apparently a limited edition release of about 2000, I think. And she retails on Pullip Style for USD 145, and even more on ebay. Whoa, I hadn't realised she was quite THAT expensive. Eos will be my first Pullip ever. I could never afford Pullips (mostly because I spend all my money on Sylvanian Families and Pinky St junk).

I'm so full of glee now that the shock has worn off and I also feel quite embarrassed and undeserving actually ^^;; *runs around in circles squeeing anyway*

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  1. Undeserving? Are you kidding? I was SO happy that the public voting selected The Flying Doohickey as the winning entry! The effort you put into the project was evident in every panel, the photos were stunning, and most significantly, your story perfectly... perfectly... exemplified the visual (and verbal) style of steampunk! It was a superb, outstanding effort demonstrating a familiarity with and an appreciation for both the steampunk genre and late-19th-century social and literary styles.

    You're correct, too, in mentioning the Printing Supply Thief as a significant contender. Personally, I was most partial to the steampunk-style contest entries, and Printing Supply Thief was my other favorite among all the entries. Like your story, that one featured elaborate props and a stylized, melodramatic approach in keeping with both the steampunk genre and historical precedent.

    I also genuinely appreciated the two strong "gothic" entries, the cinematic Monster in the Cellar and the stunningly photographed Daily Mysteries of Lucienne Caine. All four of these entries far, far exceeded anything I hoped or expected to see in this contest. My only regret is that we could not have awarded similarly high-quality prizes to each of these entries.

    Among all the contenders, however... you definitely deserved and earned your success!

    Do you have other photo stories or elaborate "set-piece" photos featuring your creations? I will have to look through your blog archives and your Flickr account to find out!

    Your miniature work and your photography are excellent, and I am very thankful for the energy and enthusiasm you put into your Gothic-Noir-Steampunk photo story entry!

    -- D.