Friday 5 August 2011

Cakes and cupcakes

I actually made these about two weeks ago but haven't been able to get good pictures. I still haven't but I'm kinda fed up now so I'm just sticking with these pictures.


A chocolate cake with strawberries and whipped cream and a black forest cake. I'm not happy with the strawberries, I think they don't look realistic enough. Another problem I'm having is with the piped cream bits on the black forest cake. I used acrylic texture paste as I felt that liquid polymer clay was too sticky and while the texture paste held the piped cream shape wonderfully the colour was wrong. I used liquid clay to ice the rest of the cake and the piped cream bits are more of an off white. I'm going to try a trick I learned from another blog with some air dry clay and pva glue next, so we'll see how it goes. I've tried piping with this air dry clay before but only used water and it wouldn't stick to anything! I'm hoping that glue trick will work.

Another thing that bothers me is the cherries. They don't look real at all to me, and I think that partly that has to do with how round they are :P I'll put some indentations next time where the stalks are supposed to go. I bet that'll also help with the whole tiny balls rolling off and everywhere when I tried to get them in the oven.

I also made cupcakes for the first time.

First cupcakes

I need to find something that will make a cupcake mold with those indentations to emulate cupcake cases. I used the end of a sushi soy sauce bottle, those cute ones that are shaped like fish. It was the only thing I had that satisfied me size wise. I also need more piping practice, I can't tell you how many times I wiped off the icing from those things! Or how much texture paste I wasted.I also ended up smearing texture paste all over the cupcake in the process btw.

Also, I took this pic for this thread:

Happy Anniversary


  1. those cakes are so cute :D have you tried Grace Whipped Cream Clay? i've caved and purchased it cos i'm sick of wasting $ on experimenting XD it's quite sticky too, but sometimes i get paranoid and use extra glue to ensure it adheres to my bases.

    i find that the cherries are super cute and super suitable for the cake you made :D blackforest is one of my fave flavours, so it definitely made me lick my lips :9

  2. Aww, thanks :D

    No, I've not tried Grace Whipped Cream Clay. Haven't even heard of it until you mentioned it. :P

    Have you tried it? Does it work well? I'll probably be trying the pva glue + clay trick tonight. I'm trying to avoid buying more materials now because I already have too much random stuff. If I can get things to work with the local ADC it'll be great because it's cheaper than ordering online...

  3. Your cakes are divine! They look so real and so yummy. And the cherries are perfect. I'm licking the monitor screen right now.

  4. i did exactly what you did, i tried the sushi cap before but the result turn out not so well, i think i will try to make a perfect cupcake base 1st that make it as a master and make a mold of it, for the piping, me is terible, i heard the grace whipped cream before, but nvr use it but i used another japanese brand, the texture is like real whipped cream. for me i use the texture paste instead.

  5. Thanks Pinky! :)

    Minihouse, yeah I'm still working on those piping skills. I have another post I've been meaning to put up for a couple of weeks now but haven't found the time to do it. I'll show the terrible job I've done of piping cream onto my cupcakes...