Friday 10 May 2013

Mini SF sets

I saw some of the mini SF sets on BeHappy and decided to pick up a couple of sets just for fun. I'm amazed by how much I absolutely freaking love them! Now I'm kicking myself for not getting the older mini sets when BeHappy had them ages ago. And also the Willow Hall mini I saw on ebay recently for a good price. The minis up there now are too expensive for me to justify, even if I do love them.

I've been disliking the pictures I've taken lately, but since I haven't uploaded anything for such a long time, I just thought 'screw it' and uploaded them all anyway.

Size comparison of a regular SF sister bunny figure and the mini Sylvanian choco bunnies.

Choco bunny playtime

I love her fuzzy paws! I like how cute they look, gripping the chair. While I do like the JP flat hands better, the cupped UK hands come in handy when I have stuff for them to hold.

Fuzzy paws

The mini Copper Beech Cottage. These kits come unassembled, so you have to put them together and apply the stickers yourself. I like doing that sort of thing. : ) I wish the cottage had a door.

Mini cottage

The inside has stickers for the kitchen and a few bits of furniture. Looks just like its full sized counterpart minus the stove. I like the look of the full size cottage but I don't think I have enough space for it. Not with all my other stuff...

Mini cottage inside

Miniature juice bar! One of the pictures I took had some flowers that were included in the set in it. The picture looked really weird, so I ended up removing them. The little basket that holds the jam jars in the original is too small in this set to actually do anything.

Mini juice stand

Not my favourite piece, but still cute. The mother rabbit has a lot of scratches on it, unfortunately. Came like that out of the package.

Mini ice cream stand

Couldn't resist a full frontal shot.

Mini ice cream stand 2

This bakery! I had so much fun assembling this bakery. It's so detailed and I think that the father Chocolate rabbit figure is the best one of the lot. He looks like he's standing instead of sitting. The wheel actually turns too.

Mini Watermill Bakery

This set comes with a number of loose bread items including three individual animal face breads, a croissant, a baguette, a loaf and a melon (I think) bread. There are so many pieces in this set, and the stickers are so detailed too. The inside window stickers actually depicts hills and grass.

Mini Watermill Bakery inside

One of the walls is actually different from the life-size version. Instead of having the water powered mixer, they have a number of shelves full of ingredients.

Mini Watermill Bakery inside 2

Ultimately, these sets give me much squee.


  1. Cute!
    Love the new look!


  2. That mini dollhouse is so sweet! I love your mini Sylvanians too! I've recently fallen in love with Sylvanian Families and just put my first photo up today on my blog. I'm mixing things up a bit with my critters living in my 1960s tin dollhouse. I look forward to seeing more from you here, now that I'm your newest follower! xo Jennifer

  3. Hi! Thanks for following. I know this blog has been pretty dead for the past few months, but I'm hoping to remedy that in a few days. :)

  4. Hi Pei the Blargh, Great! I look forward to seeing your next post! Thought your SF critters would want to know: I'm holding a mini desserts giveaway on my blog. There are three prizes, all cakes and pies made by Kim Saulter. Yum yum! ;-) I'll look for your next post. xo Jennifer