Thursday 15 July 2010

Choc chip cookies!

Cookie close up

Cookies and tea

finger cookie

I made these cookies using Betsy Niederer's tutorial on the CDHM forums. It was pretty straightforward and simple, but whoa! So time consuming! I don't know if it's because I made as many cookies as I did or if it was because I insisted on colouring the bottoms as well. My back complained a lot last night.

I managed to burn three of the cookies when trying to figure out how long to pop them in the oven for. I finally settled on 40 seconds in the end. I think I need an oven thermometer. :< I have no idea how accurate my little toaster oven is.

The tea set is the Megahouse Forest Tea set that I got from Labuan :D I've recently realised how few plates and things like that I have... I love Re-Ment and Megahouse plates and tea sets <3 Need to get some some point in the future...a distant point... :(

I think I'll try to make miniatures in playscale or something close to it. Scales confuse me because I'm usually not sure how big the original item's supposed to be in the first place.

Anyway, next project: gingerbread house!

And if you're wondering what happened to the pie i was working on, I made a lemon meringue that I'm not satisfied with so I stashed it away in a box.

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  1. oh my goodness! You do amazing amazing work!!! Im just in awe of your whole blog!!